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Learn About Reiki From William Lee Rand

This video is a great introduction to your journey with Reiki.

William Rand is the founder and president of the International Center for Reiki Training. He has extensive experience in practicing and teaching Reiki; he has conducted extensive research on the history and practice of Reiki.

In this video William describes an evidenced based history of Reiki, including a synopsis of how Usui Sensei, Hayashi Sensei, and Takata Sensei practiced and taught Reiki. He also shares his thoughts on the essence of Reiki, how it can be a spiritual practice, and how the continued practice and growth of Reiki can have a positive effect our future.

Reiki Self-Treatment

If you have completed at least Reiki Level 1/First Degree/Shoden this is a wonderful video guiding you through a self-treatment.