Life Transformation Reiki + Coaching Monthly Program

A monthly membership subscription designed to provide guidance & support on your spiritual path. Choose your monthly plan: 1 or 2 sessions.

We suspect there is a different way of experiencing life.
There is: when we learn to expand our hearts and open to a new paradigm.

We feel disconnected from others, yearning to connect, yet fearing judgment.
We can connect: once we realize we are all one, from the same source.

We long to be authentically our true self.
We can: once we learn to connect to our higher self.

We can seek transformation and experience a shift in being.

Changing our ways, our habits, the way to do things is always possible;
but not all change is transformational.

Transformational change stems from deep healing
experiences at the soul and Spirit level.

When healing is allowed to happen, light shines more brightly
through you from within, and there becomes an opportunity
for light to shine more brightly into your deepest self.  

Once allowed to heal, the hurt, shame, blame, regret, emptiness,
are left behind so your authentic self can shine through.

Confidence, serenity, boundaries, purpose, connection to self,
connection to Source and trust in yourself:
they all begin to develop and lead to a shift in your being. 

The Life Transformation Reiki + Coaching program helps clients
experience a deep shift in how they show up in the world.

Lead by Spirit and Reiki, Tracy supports your transformation by helping you:
Learn and practice connecting to your higher self/inner wisdom/soul
Learn and practice listening to and trusting your intuition
Learn and practice letting go of ways of being that do not serve you on your path
Learn and practice connecting to Source/Spirit/Universe
Learn and practice becoming your authentic/true self and discover what that means
Learn to let go of core limiting beliefs (I'm not enough... I'm too...)

You can shift how you show up in the world, too.

Each client experiences an hour in an environment that promotes self-growth and evolution. In this space we connect on a higher level as I support your transformation through guided meditation, Reiki energy work and a deep coaching approach.

This new membership program offers an hour long in-person session each month. It is a subscription based membership providing guaranteed time for clients to dive deep into self-work and self-growth. One automatic payment each month of $75 ensures that clients keep their monthly commitment to themselves, furthering their transformation on a spirit-based path.

If clients desire more practice connecting to self, additional deep coaching which facilitates the self-discovery practice and commitment, and more frequent Reiki, they have the opportunity to upgrade to a twice-monthly session membership at the significantly discounted rate of $135 each month.

Essentially, Reiki is both life energy and a system of personal spiritual exploration and growth. Reiki as a practice was first developed in Japan by Mikao Usui; it is a system which includes healing energy originating from Source/Spirit/the Universe.

Reiki supports all life and encourages connection to our authentic self and healing at a higher vibrational flow of energy.

To begin, you will relax into a guided meditation lead by Holy Fire Reiki. This is a personal journey that is individual and unique each session. You may wish to begin with a question or an affirmation; Holy Fire Reiki will lead you from there.

This will move smoothly into a 20 minute light-touch Reiki energy healing session to support you in clearing energy that may be bogged down by dis-ease, stuck emotions and general unsettledness. Reiki will assist your energy in flowing more smoothly, allowing the light of the universe to better support you and your well-being.  

As you return and awaken from your Reiki encounters, you have the opportunity for coaching to help you assimilate and understand your experience, to learn from the session, and move smoothly into the remainder of your day. You may alternatively choose to simply continue to rest in the Reiki energy.

This membership is offered as a subscription to support your commitment to yourself and to remove the hassle of remembering to sign up each time, to submit payment each time, and honestly, to keep you accountable to yourself.

 Committing to your self and your well-being is not a luxury item; your growth, transformation and expansion are why you are here. Learn to find your authentic self and experience a shift in being. There is no commitment and you may cancel your subscription at any time.

Yes, Reiki + Coaching sessions are held at My Reiki Place, located in Cortland, NY. Online sessions are not offered at this time. The City of Cortland is easily accessible from State Rte. 81 - roughly 30 minutes from Syracuse, 45 minutes from Binghamton, and 30 minutes from Ithaca.

Let's chat first! I invite you to reach out and schedule a complimentary Discovery Call by visiting my calendar.

Absolutely! I want you to feel supported and receive guidance when you need it. Consider adding a Support Call Package to your purchase. You'll receive three 20-30 minute Zoom or telephone calls when you feel you need support. This package may be purchased at any time.

Simply choose your membership level below and you'll get access to a secret link on my calendar so you can book your first session. Please be sure to carefully read the email you receive upon signing up (if you don't see it in your inbox, check your junk/spam and be sure to add me to your Contacts).

Don't second guess yourself - trust that small voice within.
This is just what you've been waiting and hoping for.

One Session Each Month

$75 USD

$75 USD /month

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Two Sessions Each Month

$135 USD

$135 USD /month

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Yes, you can! Please visit InnerVisionWellness to learn more about each option!

About Your Coach & Reiki Master Teacher...

Tracy Frenyea

Welcome friend! As your Life Transformation Coach and Reiki master teacher, I support you in discovering and developing your authentic self, your mighty potential, and a life of purpose, through empowerment, reflection, and connection to our higher selves. I will hold space for you as you create your life transformation. 

What is transformation? It's whatever it takes for you to create the life you desire (and deserve): learning how to create inner peace, establishing new healthy habits, exploring the meanings of letting go and surrender, expanding your mind to explore evolutionary growth, learning how to build (or rebuild) relationships... Transformation can mean deep healing, as any true life transformation means changing at our core - from the inside out. Anyone can change, but is that change transformation?

I started on my spiritual path in 2015 and I continue right along beside you, practicing what I speak about, becoming whole and seeking wisdom along the way so spirituality is interwoven in our work together. I believe each of us can create a powerful vision for our lives, incorporating mindfulness, present moment awareness, becoming truly authentic, meditative practices, and learning about changing perspective. I value honest communication, a nonjudgmental and open minded approach, a willingness to learn, and an eagerness to grow through self-discovery.  

I'm excited to share my new initiative "Reiki Creatives." A source of creative and tech support, assistance and guidance for Reiki people who are ready to build a beautiful business.  If this is you and you would like help visualizing and developing your brand and getting help with technology, please visit this site: 

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