Transform Your Life

Enjoy Life More ~ Enjoy More Life

Does any of this sound familiar:

 I'm tired of all the drama in my life.
Every day I say I want to change, but I never really do.
 People walk all over me.
I've lost my spark and don't know what's next.
I have a really hard time saying "No."
 My partner and I argue a lot, and I usually give in.
I come home from work (exhausted) with no energy for me.
Nobody really understands me.
I'm afraid to put myself out there.
How did I even get here?
I just want things to be different, but I don't know where to begin.

Time after time I’ve heard friends, colleagues, clients,
and yes, even myself, say these words, but...

Your Life Can Change!

Your Life Can Go...

From this...

To  this...

Annoying Drama

Inner Peace


Firm Boundaries


Energy for Life

Poor Self-Esteem

Freedom to be Authentic

Lack of Direction

Having a Life Vision

Negative self Talk

Loving Who You Are

Anxiety & Uncertainty

Peaceful Inner Knowing

You Do Have The Power to Transform Your Life!
You just have to believe it...

Meet Your Life Transformation Coach

Hello friends!

I'm Tracy Frenyea, your Life Transformation coach.  Let me tell you, I have come a long way in transforming my own life from one with no direction, poor boundaries, and anxiety into a life with little drama, peace of mind, firm boundaries, and I have found comfort in knowing who I am and appreciating all aspects of my life.

I will support you and hold space for your transformation if you're ready to change your life from the inside out and create a life that looks very different a year from now...