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Coming April 2024!
Reiki Shoden/Level I 
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Previous Workshops Offered

  • Your Wellness Wheel: assessing your wellness in all domains of well-being (offered on request for two or more participants)
  • Achieve Your Dream! Assisting you in creating your vision and setting a pathway to continually move toward it (offered on request for two or more participants)
  • Powerful 2-hour team-building session, based on personality assessment for the local YWCA Childcare Centers (2020)
  • Recognizing and appreciating our individual and team strengths in the workplace using Clifton Strengths at a local 4 year college (2020)


Would you like to provide a professional development opportunity for your group, organization or employees? Let's Design A Workshop! You and I will work together to create a unique experience focusing on communication skills, strengths, values, leisure education, stress reduction, retirement leisure planning, personality assessments, team building.