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I'm Tracy, your Life Transformation coach. My goal at InnerVision Wellness is to help you change your life - whether that's through transformational coaching, Reiki energy work, or connecting in some other way.

My education and training include psychology, counseling and certifications in coaching and recreation therapy. More than simply providing wellness services, I have a deep desire to help you live the life you desire.

Whether that means helping you improve your relationships, boost your self-confidence through self-discovery, discover your core values or personality type... It's all about you and what makes you thrive and flourish.

When you have the right support and your life goes from struggling to thriving - well, there you go! Life Transformation :-)

My approach is grounded in spirituality, so I incorporate elements such as learning how to be in the present moment, gaining self-awareness, setting boundaries, learning about infinite potential, and understanding what positively and negatively influences your energy. I like to dive into topics such as learning about your ego based self-concept, acceptance of the now, and Being vs. Doing.

Together, we will form an alliance in a safe, non-judgmental space where you can learn to make deep, lasting change. 

Here's a fun fact! I recently completed a type assessment and it turns out, I'm a Magician!

Q & A
For The Coach

Why Coaching?

Coaching offers you the opportunity to learn how to take your life into your own hands. A coach helps you learn who you are and assists you in discovering and developing your true authentic self. You alone are responsible for your life and a coach holds you accountable to that.

Talk about being a Magician! Who wouldn't want to help others this way?

What's been your
biggest challenge?

While I have not had one big life-defining event or circumstance, throughout my early years I was often challenged by poor self-esteem, lack of boundaries, "good girl" syndrome, people pleasing and anxiety.

Discovering and following my spiritual path has helped reduce my anxiety, learn my true nature and release concern over what others think of me ~ I'm free to create boundaries, embrace my authenticy, and express myself in life with an awareness of my empowerment.

What are your top
3 personal values?

I love this question! I also love helping others discover their own values - deep at their core. The values I hold close to my heart for my life are:

1. Humor ~ without it what have we got, really?!

2. Authenticity ~ why not? Be you as you were designed to be.

3. Service to others ~ I have always sought to help others, from adolescents, adults, seniors, friends, colleagues... I feel I have a lot to share in that service.

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