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Through empowerment, reflection and a connection to our higher selves, you can Transform Your Life... starting today.

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Tracy Frenyea

And How I Learned to Be Seen By Others... Our ego want us to be seen and not seen at the same time; so how do we reconcile these ego needs? ...

Tracy Frenyea

All transformation processes begin somewhere. I’m suggesting here that it begins inside you. Learn how to begin with these two practices.

Tracy Frenyea

You may not realize your strong need to be seen. If you find that you're sharing too much, too often, consider why and know you are already ...

Tracy Frenyea

Everything that troubles you can be released if you learn to love yourself. Here's what could happen if you start loving yourself, too.

Tracy Frenyea

No one is exempt from life's turbulence. Can you appreciate not being special and allow the ups and downs? You'll improve your wellbeing if ...

Tracy Frenyea

The world is heavy right now. What does it mean to "allow" and can you allow things to be as they are?

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