I'm Not Special and Neither Are You

No one is exempt from life's turbulence. Can you appreciate not being special and allow the ups and downs? You'll improve your wellbeing if you do.

I'm Not Special and Neither Are You

As I’ve begun to dig deeper and examine my ego-based self-concept, I’m appreciative of the insights I’m gaining along the way. Maybe some of you know these things already (and if so, why didn’t anyone tell me? Ha!)

Lately I’ve had to remind myself, repeatedly, that I’m not special. It’s not that I think I’m superwoman, or a princess, or super smart, or really “special” in any particular way. But overall, I’m not special and here’s proof: shit happens.

To all of us, right? And we think “that was so unfair” or “why did that happen to me?” or even “I didn’t deserve that.” These thoughts are usually not subtle and they wreak havoc on our nervous system. But, they can be subtle, so you may have to listen for them.

Stuff’s going to happen and it doesn’t matter who you are. I’m not special; I’m not exempt from a rude cashier; I’m not exempt to being woken up by loud noises that drone on for hours; I’m not exempt from being caught up in traffic.

But we get so caught up in these things when they happen, don’t we? We experience physical symptoms of stress. These experiences can even ruin our entire day! And we can use our bad mood as a weapon against someone else (who also thinks they’re special and doesn’t deserve that).

Where does this sense of specialness come from? Our parents may have started it, but then our egos picked up on it pretty quickly and the specialness built up layer by layer.

Our ego loves drama! It eats it right up! Drama = Ego Energy.

I believe we get addicted to the upset. It provides noise in our heads.

But what would happen if we lost that addiction to being special? If we reminded our Self that every time we feel “pain” or “suffering” or “indignation” from an event, comment, look, anything out of our control?

I believe we’d open some space. Space that could be filled with compassion (for self and others), understanding, reflection, allowing, surrender…

That’s what I’ve been recognizing about my Self lately. Things happen and they just ARE. I don’t have to react to them because I’m special and carry a load of righteousness; I can choose to remember that it’s okay to just BE, in fact, that’s my purpose.

I can be.

I can allow.

I invite you to let go of your “special self” and let your authentic self come through.


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