Everything's Okay - Allow it All

The world is heavy right now. What does it mean to "allow" and can you allow things to be as they are?

Everything's Okay ~ Allow it All

I was talking with some friends at work this week and we're feeling the simple weight of it all... the violence perpetrated against Ukraine, gas prices skyrocketing, the waning pandemic, political news, caring for our families, doing out jobs to the best of our ability, trying to not let anyone down... and keeping ourselves all together.

It's all so heavy.

It's all so wearisome.

We also agreed that we're pretty used to putting ourselves at the bottom of the list of "things" to care for.

We also agree that it's hard to simply carve out time for meditation or prayer - just when we need it most.

Are you feeling the heaviness, too?

Are you feeling like you're running out of energy?

Are you feeling compassion fatigue?

When I'm feeling this way, I'm always grateful when I remember to practice allowing.

Let me explain what I mean by allowing... it's not giving in or giving up; it's not overlooking abuse or neglect; allowing is not giving people permission to storm through our barriers; it's not forgiving acts of violence. Allowing is not an act of passivity.

Allowing is the deep realization that we can release our need to control for manipulate:

expectations (ours and others')

It's a deep knowing that all is as it is, there are lessons to learn and opportunities for growth. And it's okay to feel all your feelings - to allow them.

"When you're able to allow people, things and situations to be as they are - without judging them, trying to fix them or wanting to change them - you begin to tap into the immense power of allowing." Mike Robbins

We can be compassionate and still allow.

We can take action to protect others and still allow.

We can become angry and still allow that anger.

What we cannot do is allow our ego to demand actions of us that keep us small and fearful.

So we allow our inner child to be afraid and tell her that she's okay.

So we allow our inner child who doesn't feel seen, to know that she is seen.

So we allow things to be as they are.

So we allow ourselves to be.

So we allow ourselves to shine our light.

There's nothing that needs to be fixed. It is as it is.

And we allow.

And our spirit can rest in this allowing.


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