You Love Reiki!

My Reiki Place in Cortland, NY now offers an exclusive
Monthly Reiki Membership Subscription
Make a true commitment to your well-being.

This exclusive membership allows you to schedule 3 - 30 minute sessions each month.
Enjoy 10% off regular pricing - every month!

How can regularly schedule Reiki sessions help me?

When we make a commitment to our well-being, it begins to build trust within us,
deep in our heart space - we have committed to our self, our true and authentic self.  

Committing to maintaining a Reiki session schedule you may expect:

  • Decreased feelings of anxiety
  • Decreased feelings of depression or feeling "blue"
  • Better sleep
  • More frequent positive moods
  • Increased compassion for self and others
  • Increased patience when you need it
  • A pattern of releasing negative energies
  • A higher vibration of your own energy - which promotes health
  • More resilience, bounce back from challenges
  • Progress on your spiritual journey

You may be interested to know that when the system of Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui in the early 1920's Japan, his original intent was to experience Reiki as a pathway to enlightenment!  Believing in Reiki can open your mind to other perspectives and you may begin to experience a shift in being, more frequently connecting to your inner wisdom and intuition.

Please note: Once you submit payment you will be taken to a Program Dashboard and asked to complete registration.  

This registers you as a member at InnerVision Wellness LLC's website.  As a member you will have opportunity to learn about and sign up for all special programs.

Subscriptions do not run on calendar months, they begin the day you purchase and will renew automatically every 30 days.

You may cancel at any time ~ no questions asked. But if you experience any distress, please talk with Tracy right away.