How I Learned to Start Loving Myself

Everything that troubles you can be released if you learn to love yourself. Here's what could happen if you start loving yourself, too.

How I Learned to Start Loving Myself

While I was learning to be a transformational spirit-based coach, I gave and received lots of peer coaching in return. In all of the sessions where I was coached, the solution to whatever arose for me was self-love.

Every time.

What does that mean?

It means that I was able to let go of shame I’d been holding onto for over 30 years.

It means that I am able to give myself a break when I need it instead of getting overwhelmed by all I feel I need to do (like today, I took the day off and I'm holed up in the city library :) )

It means I am able to forgive others who had hurt me

It means I’m no longer angry at those whom I had not forgiven in the past

It means I’m able to forgive myself (many times over)

It means I care much less about what others might think about me

It means I can set personal boundaries and say no when I need to (and not question my resolve)

I recently read a book by Louise Hay. Throughout her life she was very much into affirmations, and in this book she talks about loving yourself quite a bit. One suggestion she makes is to look at yourself in a mirror (she’s a big fan of this!) and say “I love you.”

I admit, it felt really weird the first time! But think about it - you probably tell people all the time that you love them. So, it makes sense to tell yourself, too.

I practice this pretty regularly when I meditate or just sit still for a few minutes during the day. What I get back is very nourishing, I receive nothing but positivity from my spirit; it’s very supportive (very much unlike my ego).

Give this a try: find 10 minutes of quiet (in your car, at your desk, even in the restroom at work) and sit still, focus on your breath and slow down. Then just say “I love you” tell yourself what a good job you’re doing at all the things you do… You’ll thank you for it :)

Work up to that moment in the mirror ;)

Take good care of your self and remember, we're all a work in progress...


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