Life Transformation Coaching

Inner Transformation Is Possible

Let me share with you how I got to be where I am now and help you create the life you desire, the healthy relationships you crave, to finally make the life changes you desperately need to feel at ease in this human experience.

I want to support you in finding your purpose, getting in touch with your inner wisdom (and trusting it!), so you can finally Transform Your Life.

A Change is Coming
Do You Feel It?

What is transformation?

It can be so many things! Personally, I believe transformation is healing, and to truly change our lives we need to heal.

When we heal what has hurt us in the past (that includes things we may not even be aware of), our life changes.

When we heal we have more "space" for light and joy and peace of mind. includes this definition of transformation: change in form, appearance, nature, or character and as humans, we can transform in all of these ways.

Essentially, transformation in a coaching relationship, is whatever it takes for you to create the life you desire (and deserve).
Just consider a few of these life changing transformational actions: learning how to create inner peace, establishing new healthy habits (not just for physical health!), expanding your mind to explore evolutionary growth, learning how to build (or rebuild) relationships...

And all of those are possible!

Sometimes coaching can be setting goals, other times it's exploring the depths of our self-concept to create a healing experience.

Personally, when I engaged with a transformational coach, she helped me let go of a deep experience of shame that I'd held onto for over 30 years! My coach held space for me so I was able to connect with my higher self and forgive, not only myself, but others who were involved.

What an incredible experience that was! Believe me, I keep checking, and indeed, the shame has been released. I now live without that energy and have space for more peace and light.

Any true long lasting life transformation involves changing at our core - from the inside out.  

I often speak about creating a powerful vision for your life, mindfulness, being present, authenticity, meditation, and changing perspectives. I value honest communication, a nonjudgmental and open minded approach, a willingness to learn, and an eagerness to grow through self-discovery. I started on my spiritual path in 2014 and I continue on my way to becoming whole and seeking wisdom along the way, so spirituality is interwoven in our work together.

Not all Life Transformation coaching sessions are as dramatic as mine was... but they can be if you are willing to do the work of exploration. Oftentimes this means finding the right support, someone skilled in holding space, someone who truly wants to see your transformation as much as you do.

I would be honored to work with those of you who truly desire change. To see if we would be a good fit for one another, I encourage you to schedule your Discovery Call today. You can do that below...

Here's what Lorna had to say after working with Tracy:

Tracy is a deeply sensitive and intuitive coach. Tracy created a loving and safe container for me to dive deep into long held limiting beliefs from childhood, where my deeper inner voice of love and unconditionality emerged with the message of “Being is more than enough”.

Tracy held the healing space with gentle and loving care, guiding and supporting me through this issue.

Since working with Tracy I have felt more connected with my inner voice and developed a more authentic way of being in the world.

She is a truly heart-centered and talented transformational coach and I would recommend anyone to work with her at any stage of their healing and transformational journey.

You're So Close to Starting Your Transformation!

There is a nominal fee to encourage you to keep your appointment and to compensate for a little of my time (if you sign on as a client, your fee will be deducted from your first payment).